Graffiti Removal Services At A Competitive Price

Here at Quinns Painting and Decorating we understand graffiti removal and the importance of a clean, respectable property and are here to help.

When seeking to remove graffiti on your premises, do not attempt it yourself, graffiti removal is a delicate task. When the paint is sprayed onto surfaces such as concrete, bricks, sandstone and granite it penetrates deep into the surface. These surfaces can be easily damaged if incorrect chemicals are applied, if harsh scrubbing occurs, or if high-pressure cleaning techniques are used.

If any of these damaging methods are applied when cleaning your wall the stone is likely to disintegrate, resulting in crumbling of bricks and in the worst of cases the structural failure of your wall. When removing Graffiti it is important to use different chemicals and solutions for different types of surfaces, at Quinns Painting and Decorating we will analyse your individual project to find the best solution, whether it be for timber, steal, concrete or brick.

Safety of the client and their property is paramount and we ensure people are protected. Our staff us protective clothing, gloves and eyewear while on the clients premises. Where possible, we use non-toxic chemical and the gentlest methods for removal so any surfaces are not damaged.

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Often when people have their property vandalised they opt out of graffiti removal because they think it’s a waste of time and that the vandals will return. But if you have our team of professionals clean up your property within days of the incident, then it is less likely that they will return. This is due to the lack of exposure and validation that the vandals were able to receive due to your quick thinking and effective response.

graffiti on a concrete wall
graffiti on a brick wall

Why Choose Quinns Painting For Graffiti Removal?

  1. Modern vehicles with onboard power and water
  2.  4000 psi hot water pressure washers
  3. Highly trained staff
  4. Excellent health and safety record
  5. Fully insured and $20M public liability
  6. Environmentally friendly practices
  7. Satisfaction guarantee

We deliver high quality and cost effective solutions to graffiti removal. We ensure our practices are safe and environmentally friendly. Our strict procedures mean you can have peace of mind knowing our staff will deliver the desired results, with minimal environmental impact.