Why Roof painting?

A professionally painted roof can enhance the overall look of your property. Roof painting, not only gives an aesthetic appeal to your property but also contributes to the roof’s durability.

Painting the roof also serves as a coating and prevents dirt, rain, scorching heat, decaying leaves, vermin and inevitable rusting. Not painting the roof can cause roof deterioration in a short span of time.

If you’re looking for a professional and reliable roof painting service in Melbourne, Quinns Painting & Decorating is the best place.

We offer affordable and professional roof painting services. We provide roof painting services for both domestic and commercial sectors. Our services come with high quality guaranteed workmanship and we are always on time with reliable services.

Roof Painting Process

Our roof painting procedure is of high standeds and assures you long lasting and a high-quality finish.

These are the steps we follow for roof painting

  1. We manually clean the roof through blowing or sweeping
  2. A high-pressure cleaning is done to remove all the debris
  3. After removing all mortars, ridge cap re-bedding is done
  4. Once the roof is ready to paint primer coating is applied, which is later followed by re-colouring and sealing
  5. Finally, we paint the roof with all-weather-resilient paint chosen by you and wait till it gets dry.

To request a quote or to know more about our roof painting services, we can be contacted on 0429 226 599.